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Francois Montand
Francois Montand

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The Know-How:

  • The grapes are carefully selected according to criteria defined by a team of Oenologists to ensure the quality of the F. Montand wines.
  • The reputation of wines produced in the Jura has always been based on a strong image of the land and the preservation of cultural practices and traditional winemaking.
  • Composed of several grape varieties, strictly selected for their aromatic potential to ensure the François Montand style.
  • The Famous Méthode Champenoise is still used to make François Montand quality
    sparkling wine.
  • Whether serving F. Montand sparkling wine with brunch, dinner or celebrating with friend, you will love it.



We remove this yeast by a technique known in French as 'dégorgement': which consists of freezing the neck in order to form a lump of ice, and enclosing the sediment.
When the capsule is undone, the ice cube is expelled naturally by pressure from the bottle. The volume of wine lost in the cube must be refilled, with the famous "liqueur d'expedition". This liqueur is a secret F. Montand recipe passed from master cellar to master cellar, generation after generation, always yielding trademark F. Montand wines.

Once the dose has been added, the bottle is fitted with its final cork. A wire muzzle like a tiny cage is placed over the cork and tightened under the lip of the rim to ensure the cork stays in place. After that, the bottle is laid down in the cellars for a few months longer to refine the wine yet more.

You have to be patient to taste the incredible François Montand quality sparkling wines…


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